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Give the gift of creating


Happy New Year!

2021 will be better!

What abount meeting up online and have a creative experience?

As we are back in almost lockdown Colourbuzz now only offers live online workshops from the comfort of home.  

There are several polymer clay options, decoupage and an online pewter mirror workshop is in the making (very excited about this).

Who says stars are only for Christmas? For the not to be daunted, there's a challenge: Who dares to make beautiful straw stars to bring a bit of nature in your home. Who will pick up the gauntlet or pass it on?

Once you get the hang of it, it is calming and starngely addictive, great fun. I have made at least a hundred and look forward to expanding into different shapes!


Polymer clay gift making  (live-online)

This is a great introduction to the versatile medium of polymer clay.​ 

Duration: around 2 hours

Fee: £30  (for the online workshop there's an additional £5 fee for extra material and postage)

With the kit and the  live-online session you will be able to create these gorgeous decorations, jewellery and ornaments.

For those who are doing the workshop online, I will send you an email with templates to experiment with, but you can of course also use your own ideas and designs.

A lovely way to share (albeit distanced) a creative experience with friends, family or collegues.

You will work with a main colour (white or black) and different special effects accents.

The options for the accents are:

silver, gold, copper, aquamarine, pink, dark blue (for white only), red and pearl (for black only).

Let me know what combination you would like.

If you prefer a different main colour, just ask and I'll try to work something out.

You can choose colours from the following sets.

Black and gold accents
Black and gold accents
Black and gold accents
White with silver accents

Mokume Gane (polymer clay) gift making  (live-online)

An ancient Japanese technique with a modern twist

Duration: around 3 hours

Fee: £40 (for the online workshop there's an additional £5 fee for extra material and postage)

Mokume Gane is an old Japanese technique used with metals that is adapted to use with polymer clay resulting in always magically beautiful pieces of art. 

You will be guided through the steps and once you have created your own, unique sheet of Mokume Gane clay, you can make items of your choice.

You will be provided with the accessories to make some key rings, pendants and templates for ring-dishes, but I'm sure you will come up with ideas of your own.

All items need to be baked in a conventional or fan-assisted oven.

This is a great workshop to do with your friends, family members or as a group activity with collegues.

If you want to surprise someone with this course, I'll wrap it up in paper and send it directly to their address with a gift tag complete with your personalised message (no extra cost, I love wrapping up presents!).


Three mini succulent sets (live-online)

Polymer clay

Duration: around 3 hours

Fee: £35 (for the online workshops there's and additional £5 for postage)

A Colourbuzz kit with all you need will arrive on yourstep if you do the workshop online. This includes the tools that are needed and a tile to work on. During the session you will be experimenting with polymer clay using a colour set of your preference. You will also use gilding paste, which is great fun and adds another skill to your reportoire.

With all the material from the kit you will be able to decorate three mini plant pots and make three dishes.

Included are seeds, soil and decorative white stones. 

The sets need baking in a concentional or fan-assisted oven.


Straw Stars Kit

A challenge

Duration: as long as you need

Fee: £20, postage £3 for UK mainland, contact me for other destinations)

This is a challenging eco-friendly activity that is not suitable for the impatient! But, once you get the hang of it, it is engrossing and will give you the satisfaction of accomplishing something hard and beautiful.

You will create geometric patterns using straws, making lovely Christmas stars, bringing a bit of nature inside to complement your Christmas decorations.

This activity will give you the skills with which you can create more and more intricate stars. 

It will keep you (or someone else) busy for hours and inspire to make more of your own design. 

It makes a perfect present for a crafty person who's looking to add a new skill to  to their repertoire.

Recycled and natural materials are used throughout, including in the packaging! Everything is made by hand, which means no two packages will look exactly the same.

If you want me to send it directly to someone else, I'll wrap it up in Christmas paper, attach a gift tag with your message for £1 extra.

Who will take up the challenge or who will you throw the gauntlet to?


Plant pot decoupage (live-online)

Duration: around 2.5 hours

Fee: £30 (in person, for the online worskhop there's  an additional £3 for postage)

Deposit: £5 pp

Have you ever wanted to know what decoupage is and how to do it? Here's your chance. Join me in a decoupage workshop and go home with two plant pots to fill with plants or herbs.

You can choose from many different designs.

It is great fun and you willl think of a hundred other things to do with your new found skill.

You will receive a Colourbuzz Decoupage box with almost all you need.

Due to the high chance of breakage and the high cost, you would need to buy the clay plant pots yourself. B&Q sells them (around 12 cm diamter).

You could could gather some friends, family members or collegues and do this as an alternative get together! It's fun to do!


Colourbuzz Workshop Gift Cards

Let me know which one you would like

Creative Workshops Durham Gift Card
Creative Workshops Durham Gift Card

What People Say


Crafting without the commute! Really enjoyed this online course. I never felt rushed and learned some new techniques. The tutor was positive and encouraging. Was so easy doing the course from home and i thought the 'online' experience went well and a valuable way of spending time. I felt I got value for money as Helga gave me a prep session which was very helpful. I would recommend this course.



The 'Go with the Flow' workshop I attended was very relaxing and fun to do.  A real escape from day to day stresses.  Helga’s workshops are a great way to spend an evening or afternoon. Highly recommended. I was so happy with the result that I had it framed.



I really liked the Mokume Gane workshop. It was soothing to manipulate the polymer clay and watch it transform into layers of colour. I managed to produce pieces I wanted to wear and of which I was proud, having no natural talent for crafts!



I loved the whole process, from preparing the clay, the combining of colours to the surprising, astonishing end results.

I was guided, but not pushed over my own creativity/capabilities to bring about amazing results. It will take a few more workshops to get as much grip on the process as Helga has, but I loved the way chance did its work. So did my wife. She often wears the necklace I made for her!



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