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Creative Parties

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A happy customer said: "We attended Helga's workshop on mandala making at Colourbuzz, as part of a birthday celebration. It was a fantastic way to celebrate - something a bit different and a way to get together with people and catch up whilst producing something beautiful to take home! All the resources for us were really well laid out, making it easy for us to create lovely things, without getting too hung up about whether we were 'arty' or not. Helga was a great facilitator, helping us feel at ease, offering us lots of cups and tea and offering a cosy, inspiring work space. I would highly recommend this sort of experience to anyone and we are really proud of our little pieces of art!"

Creative workshops Durham Birthday Party
Creative Workshops Durham
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Creative Workshops Durham
Mandala Party


Colourbuzz Workshop Gift Cards

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Creative Workshops Durham Gift Card
Creative Workshops Durham Gift Card
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Love Creating

Looking to try something new, creative and above all enjoyable? Our workshops will give you all that. No experience is needed to enjoy one of our workshops.

Available now:

  • Polymer clay

  • Relaxing 'Go with the Flow'workshops and parties

  • Fluid acrylics 

  • Metalsmithing; copper cuffs

  • Enameled Hearts

  • Kids' workshops (birthday parties)

If you fancy having a creative party, baby shower, office happening, hen night, bridal shower, (kids') birthday party, team outing, or just a good time with friends we will arrange it!


Colourbuzz is located just outside the centre of Durham (Vane Tempest Hall, Gilesdagte DH1 1QF), a lovely walk from the city and for those driving there's free parking. We're in a beautiful Grade II listed building on the first floor, accessible by an outdoor staircase.

For groups between 4 and 8 the workshops will be in the lovely Colourbuzz studio and for larger groups we can arrange a different room in the same building or at a place of your choice. Let us know what you would like to do!.


What People Say


The 'Go with the Flow' workshop I attended was very relaxing and fun to do.  A real escape from day to day stresses.  Helga’s workshops are a great way to spend an evening or afternoon. Highly recommended. I was so happy with the result that I had it framed.



I really liked the Mokume Gane workshop. It was soothing to manipulate the polymer clay and watch it transform into layers of colour. I managed to produce pieces I wanted to wear and of which I was proud, having no natural talent for crafts!



I loved the whole process, from preparing the clay, the combining of colours to the surprising, astonishing end results.

I was guided, but not pushed over my own creativity/capabilities to bring about amazing results. It will take a few more workshops to get as much grip on the process as Helga has, but I loved the way chance did its work. So did my wife. She often wears the necklace I made for her!



We're upstairs,
the second blue door

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