Fluid Acrylics

Paint Without a Paint Brush

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Fluid Acrylics Workshops

Bring Up the Cells

The techniques used in these workshops centre around the fluidity of acrylic paints when mixed with flowing agents and silicon to make beautiful cells pop up. At times you'll even get to play with fire to tempt even more more cells to the surface.

It does sound like magic, and even though there are very good rational reasons for all these reactions, it does feel like magic.

For now, there's only one 'Fluid Acrylics' Workshop (Swipe Away), but there are more on the way.

It would be a good idea, not to wear your best clothes when you come to this workshop as paint behaves in unexpected ways!


Swipe Away

Playing With Fire


In this workshop you will find out about the amazing paintings you can create without coming near a paintbrush.

It's great fun to prepare the paint, pour or drip it on a tile or canvas and then ruin your thoughtfully wrought composition totally by covering and swiping it, only to be totally surprised by what happens next!


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