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Go with the Flow Workshops

All about health and well-being

Doing something creative takes me t you to a space in yourself where you  These workshops are all about finding some peace and quiet both externally and internally. It really doesn't matter whether you think you're good at art or not, it's about the whole experience and I'm sure that by the end you will feel better and have produced something to be proud of. 

The studio is a lovely, bright and light place with wooden table tops, where you'll be surrounded by plants and work from Colourbuzz.

These workshop aim to enable you to use easy arty techniques to get into 'the flow'. Being in the flow means you are distracted from the problems you might have by being focused on creating something.

Go with the Flow

Three Relaxing Techniques in One

This workshop combines three techniques, scientifically proven to reduce stress, to create a visually stunning piece of work; doodling, drawing and colouring. By using top quality alcohol ink markers and paper the end product looks like a professional print!

A great way to relax and find some time and space for yourself away from your own and the demands of the outside world.

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