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This kit includes all the materials and the pair of pliers ou need to make the necklace with the copper pendant. You will get a link to the detailed, full colour  instrctions. It comes in a hand made box.


Copper will age over time and you will also learn how to giv e it a natural patina  for an anitqued look. You can choose the weaving wire colours. The non-tarnishing copper wire will not age over time (and can't be darkened) and will  retain its shine while the frame darkens. The bare copper wire will darken.

You can also choose black or red enamelled weaving wire.


If you want it wrapped and sent to someone else, please let me know below ( I love wrapping up presents). 


No experience is needed, but it is not suitable for under 11s due to the sharp wire and tools that are used.


Free shipping within the UK. Pleaee contact Colourbuzz for delivery to the rest of the world.

Copper Pendant Kit

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