Mokume Gane is an old Japanese technique used with metals that is adapted to use with polymer clay resulting in always magically beautiful pieces of art. 

You will be guided through the steps and once you have created your own, unique sheet of Mokume Gane clay, you can make items of your choice. You will be provided with the accessories to make some key rings, pendants and templates for ring-dishes, but I'm sure you will come up with ideas of your own.

All items need to be baked in a conventional or fan-assisted oven.

This is a great workshop to do with your friends, family members or as a group activity with collegues.

If you want to surprise someone with this course, I'll wrap it up in Christmas paper and send it directly to their address with a gift tag complete with your personalised message (no extra cost, I love wrapping up presents!).

Live online workshop with kit, Mokume Gane (polymer clay)