You will get:


  • at least 120 straws; natural, red, orange, green and blue (let me know if you would like to have natural and only one other colour)
  • 6 weavers 
  • 1 jig
  • 1 star shaper template
  • 5 weaver templates
  • red embroidery thread


I will send the step-by-step instructions by email


The leaves are falling, but you can bring some of nature back in your house with these lovely straw stars.


They would also make natural looking Christmas decorations.

This is a challenging eco-friendly activity that is not suitable for the impatient! But, once you get the hang of it, it is engrossing and will give you the satisfaction of accomplishing something hard and beautiful.

You will create geometric patterns using straws, making lovely Christmas stars, bringing a bit of nature inside to complement your Christmas decorations.

This activity will give you the skills with which you can create more and more intricate stars. 

It will keep you (or someone else) busy for hours and inspire to make more of your own design. 

It makes a perfect present for a crafty person who's looking to add a new skill to  to their repertoire.

Recycled and natural materials are used throughout, including in the packaging! Everything is made by hand, which means no two packages will look exactly the same.

Contact me, if you want me to send it directly to someone else, I'll wrap it up in Christmas paper and attach a gift tag with your message.

Straw Star Craft Kit