A set of unique butterflies in different colours and patterns. They will look gorgeous wherever you put them.

Swallowtail butterflies; lilac, pink, purple, black and patterned

  • These intricate swallowtail butterflies look as if they are flying off your wall.

    They are made of a great quality card (240 gms) in beautiful pinks. They come in six different sizes (10cm/3.9". 9 cm/3.5", 8 cm/3.1", 7cm/2.75", 6 cm/2.4" and 4cm/1.5") and each of the six designs is unique.

    They look fantastic in a nursery, but (teenage) girls and adults also adore them.

    They add colour to a living room, bedroom or ceilings and sloping walls.

    Alternatively, they would make a lovely display for a special celebration like a christening or wedding.

    They have been individually cut (they're nit die cuts!) and all that you need to do is gently bend the wings for a 3D-effect. I

    will include wall safe adhesive with which you can position them wherever you like and change the display whenever you want.

    You choose how large or small the display will be and what shape you would like them to form (cloud, spiral, circle, straight line, curved line, spreading out, etc.).

    If you would like to cover a large area, 40 swallowtail butterflies or a combination with monarch butterflies and/or dragonflies would achieve that beautifully (see my other items).Contact me and let me know what would work best for you. 

    I ship worldwide.