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You can still have a party, but with a maximun of three people!

A happy customer said: "We attended Helga's workshop on mandala making at Colourbuzz, as part of a birthday celebration. It was a fantastic way to celebrate - something a bit different and a way to get together with people and catch up whilst producing something beautiful to take home! All the resources for us were really well laid out, making it easy for us to create lovely things, without getting too hung up about whether we were 'arty' or not. Helga was a great facilitator, helping us feel at ease, offering us lots of cups and tea and offering a cosy, inspiring work space. I would highly recommend this sort of experience to anyone and we are really proud of our little pieces of art!"

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Mandala Party



Do you want to to try something new, creative and above all enjoyable? Colourbuzz workshops are all about that.

No experience is needed to enjoy any of our workshops.



Gift making

Polymer clay

Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours

Fee: £40 (1x £5 discount if you book for three people)

Deposit: £5 pp

In this workshop you will discover a Japanes technique called Mokune Gane, which will give you pieces fascinating patterns and great colours. It is your choice what you make; jewellery, key dishes or key rings.

In the live-online course you will make some key-rings, pendants and a ring dish.

You will receive all you need in a \Colourbuzz Craft Box.


Mini succulent pots and dishes

Polymer clay

Duration: around 3 hours

Fee: £35 

Deposit: £5 pp

You will be experimenting with polymer clay using a colour set of your preference. You even learn how to use different polishes, which is great fun and adding another skill to your reportoire.

At the end of the session you will have made a set of three plant pots and two or three dishes. You will also take home a gorgeous set of succulents (yes, you'll even get the stones and plants (or seeds if you prefer)

The sets need baking, but I will do that for you. 

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Plant pot decoupage

Duration: around 2.5 hours

Fee: £30 (1x £5 discount if you book for three people)

Deposit: £5 pp

Have you ever wanted to know what decoupage is and how to do it? Here's your chance. Join me in a decoupage workshop and go home with two plant pots to fill with plants or herbs.

You can choose from many different designs.

It is great fun and you willl think of a hundred other things to do with your new found skill.


Christmas cards

Mixed media

Duration: around 2.5 hours

Fee: £30 (1x £5 discount if you book for three people)

Deposit: £5 pp

Is it lino cutting?

Is it stamping?

Is it metal work?

No, it's a unique way of making cards that shimmer and shine and brighten up everyone's day.

They are great fun to make and you'll learn at least three new skills!

Pictures in the making!

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Straw stars

Duration: around 2 hours

Fee: £25 (1x £5 discount if you book for three people)

Deposit: £5 pp

Autumn is here, but bring some of nature back in yuour house with these lovely straw stars.

They would also make natural looking Christmas decorations.

It takes some patience to make them, but once you get the hang of it, you'll want to experiment with different designs.

All materials are provided and you can also purchase extra split straws and the jig to make them.

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Love Creating

Looking to try something new, creative and above all enjoyable? Our workshops will give you all that. No experience is needed to enjoy any of our workshops.

Available now:

  • Polymer clay gift making (mokume Gane)

  • Mini succulent pots and dishes

  • Plant pot decoupage

  • (Christmas) cards, mixed media (coming soon)

  • Straw stars

  • Christmas/winter ornaments (polymer clay)

  • Relaxing 'Go with the Flow'workshops 

  • 8 week polymer clay mirror course

For groups between 4 and 8 the workshops will be in the lovely Colourbuzz studio and for larger groups we can arrange a different room in the same building or at a place of your choice. Let us know what you would like to do!.


Santa Craft Kit

Great fun for the whole family

Fee: £15 (including postage, UK mainland) £12.50 for Durham (3 mile radius from centre WITH FREE DELIVERY)

You'll receive a bag full of creative goodies to do the Santa related crafts.

You will be emailed with detailed instructions and templates of all activities so you can make as many Santas as you like.

There's even a video for those who prefer, where you'll get some extra tips as well.


Christmas/Winter ornaments (live-online)

Polymer clay

Duration: around 2 hours

Fee: £30 (£3 for postage and packaging)

Deposit: £5 pp

With the kit for the live-online session you will be able to create these gorgeous decorations that will give  flair to your (or someone else's) Christmas decor in the comfort of your own home.

If you do the workshop in my workshop you will be given all the materials there.

A lovely way to share (albeit distanced) a creative experience with friends, family or collegues.


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