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Colourbuzz Kids

Kids Definitely Love Creating 

It's kids that got me into organising arts and crafts activities and it still is, after 14 years, joyful to see kids busy creating their own piece of art.

At Colourbuzz Kids there will be fun activities whereby young kids (5 to 8) work together with an adult (the adult only doing the things the kids can't do) and older kids (8+) can create independently.

The variety of activities will grow as time goes on, giving kids ample opportunities to try out new materials and techniques.

There will be sessions on some Saturdays and in the school holidays. Watch this space!

For now there's a lantern workshop where the technique of decoupage is explored and a lantern is transformed into a colourbuzzing display.

Halloween activities are in the making and workshops are ready for booking.

I hold a DBS Certificate as, apart from Colourbuzz, I run an after-school Colourbuzz Club at a local primary school and work with vulnerable adults.

Colourbuzz Kids Lanterns/Lampshade

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