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Polymer Clay Workshops

Love Creating

There is a variety of polymer clay workshops and more will be added as time goes on. They generally last for about three and a half hours, with plenty of opportunities for tea or coffee.

Polymer clay is fun to work with. Not only will you experience the actual handling of the clay itself, but you will also use various specialised tools. These are are more commonly associated with cooking or baking.  The clay goes through a pasta machine, knives are used to cut the clay, rolling pins are used for rolling and finally your creations will need to go into an oven to harden. 

The colours that can be made with polymer clay have me buzzing!

No previous experience is needed for any of these workshops.

At the moment you can choose from the following workshops:

1. Fairy Door

2. Mokume Gane

3. Marbled Marvels

4. Duo Tones

5. Extruder Excitement

Scroll down or click the pictures below for more information.

1. Fairy Door

Make Magic Come Alive

You can be the one to bring some magic to your or someone else's life. Placed indoors or slightly camouflaged in a garden, allotment or up a tree, fairy doors will delight anyone.

During the workshop you will use different techniques to make the door, stones and flowers to create your own unique fairy door.

2. Mokume Gane Gift Making

A Japanese Twist

3. Marbled Marvels

Waves, Glorious Waves

What better way to help the environment than using your own handmade soap dish to do away with plastic hand sanitiser bottles?

Here's your chance to get started with polymer clay and make this thoughtful, mindful dish that you can personalise to suit your (or someone else's) taste.

Of course, you're not limited to a soap dish, if you prefer, you can turn your wavy marbled of polymer clay into a coaster or a ring or key dish. The possibilities are endless.

4. Monochromes

Geometric Shapes

In this workshop you work with two contrasting or complementary colours to make geometric designs in the shape of a log or cuboid. Some specilaised tools will be your best friend to achieve the desired shapes.

Through manipulating and slicing the log you create slices that can be used to make jewellery, decorate a jar or use molds to form unique buttons. You might come up with an addition to this short list. The more the merrier, I can't wait!"

5. Extruder Excitement

Shapeful Snakes

With an easy to use extruder tool you'll create multi-coloured snakes in the shape of your choosing (square, triangular, octagonal just to name a few). Using these you will ultimately create a veneer that can be used to make create different items; jewellery, buttons, other accessories or ornaments. I'm sure the list will grow as time goes on

Classy Christmas Decorations

Polymer clay and metallic waxes

This is a fun workshop and great introduction into working with the versatile polymer clay.

You will learn the basics of conditioning, mixing, forming, shaping, cutting, texturising and embossing of polymer clay.

You're welcome to turn this into a party with friends/familey/collegues!

You will go home with a selection of beautiful festive white ornaments with a metallic accent of your own choice.

Let me know if you would like a different colour to work with and I'm sure I can do that too.

Polymer clay gift making 

This is a great introduction to the versatile medium of polymer clay.​ 

Duration: around 2 hours

Fee: £40  (for the online workshop there's an additional £7.50 fee for extra material and postage)

With the kit and the  live-online session you will be able to create these gorgeous decorations, jewellery and ornaments.

For those who are doing the workshop online, I will send you an email with templates to experiment with, but you can of course also use your own ideas and designs.

A lovely way to share a creative experience with friends, family or collegues.

Minimum: 2 people

Maximum: 12 people (in the colourbuzz studio, other venues might differ)

You will work with a main colour (white or black) and different special effects accents.

The options for the accents are:

silver, gold, copper, aquamarine, pink, dark blue (for white only), red and pearl (for black only).

Let me know what combination you would like.

If you prefer a different main colour, just ask and I'll try to work something out.

You can choose colours from the following sets.

Black and gold accents
Black and gold accents
Black and gold accents
White with silver accents
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