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Colourbuzz Workshops

Love Creating

We want to start with four types of workshops centred around different media and techniques.

The first is polymer clay and there are five different workshops exploring different ways of using it resulting in a variety of pieces that could be jewellery, ornaments, numbers or (soap)dishes. The only polymer clay workshop that focuses on one particular theme is the Fairy Door one.

The second set focuses on the use of acrylic paint in a non-traditional way. No experience, no paintbrush needed to create beautiful paintings.

The third type of workshop aims to bring some peacefulness to people's busy heads. When you feel that your head is so full that it needs emptying, these workshops combine three different art techniques to do just that.

Coppersmithing workshops are available on request. 

Finally Colourbuzz Kids is for themed workshops and birthday parties. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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